Reconfiguring CRM to appear in Outlook

Reconnecting CRM to Outlook

1. Close your Outlook.

2. Click the Windows icon in bottom left hand corner.

3. Select CRM Configuration Wizard under All Programs.

4. In the CRM Configuration Wizard dialog box select the current Server URL.

5. Click Delete.

6. Click Add.

7. In the Configure Organization dialog box input the following into the Server URL:


8. Click Test Connection button.

9. In the Connect to pop up window enter your

  • Username adadmin\
  • Password your Ellucian Cloud password

10. Click OK.

12.  If your credentials check out click OK.

13. An “Adding Organization” progress bar will appear. (This will take several minutes)

14.  After it is done adding the organization click CLOSE.

15. Open your Outlook. CRM should reappear in your bottom left menu. (Give it a moment to connect to Ellucian)

If you do not remember your Ellucian Cloud password you can reset it here.

* TIP Your Ellucian Cloud username is your first initial and last name.

If you require further assistance please contact The Hub (773) 298-HELP (4357)

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