Collaborating Using Team Sites

Audience: Faculty & Staff

A team site is a collection of resources and events that are tied together for a common purpose. They are useful for departments or groups who need to be able to collaborate and work on processes they own within an organization. A typical team site will come pre-configured with basic utilities such as announcements, task lists, or even document libraries. 

In our specific environment everything is driven by Colleague, which allows seamless connection to our team sites for easy to manage membership. 

Please refer to the Team Sites Manual download to do the following:

  • Add/Remove users to your team site.
  • Add/Remove list items.
  • Add/Remove documents.
  • Add multiple documents.
  • Approve/Reject documents.
  • Modify View settings.
  • Add attachments to announcements.
  • Emailing other team site members.
  • Creating a Library.
  • Add/Remove Web Parts.
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