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The University offers a wide range of multimedia equipment for long- and short-term loans.  Click the green "MyMedia Link" button to access the equipment reservation system. Reserved equipment can be delivered to any public campus location, or picked up from The Hub Service Desk. Reservations may also be made by calling 773-298-HELP (4357). 


Terms and Conditions

Students of Saint Xavier University must complete an equipment loan agreement form before checking out media equipment. 

Technology equipment loans provide temporary possession of Information Technology (IT) materials to the Borrower for the dates indicated in the reservation. The Borrower claims temporary possession over all materials provided for the duration of the reservation. Any items returned late are subject to fines. 

Late Fees
An item is considered "late" when it is not returned to IT at the agreed upon time. IT will send an e-mail to the Borrower when an item is late. Fees are applied the following day. 

Late Fees
Equipment Fine
Production Kit       $70.00/day
Digital Audio Recorder       $25.00/day
Digital Camera       $25.00/day
Cables and Accessories       $20.00/day
Laptop       $30.00/day
Image Projector       $40.00/day

Equipment fines are per calendar day. The preceding fines are examples. Fines may be itemized for every item returned late. 

Destruction and Loss of Materials
Action on damage and loss that is reported at the time of the reservation will be determined at the discretion of Information Technology Personnel. Damage and loss that is not reported at the time of equipment check-in will incur the following fines: 

  • Material(s) valued at $99.00 or less: payment will be the total cost for replacement or repair of equipment. 
  • Materials(s) valued at $100.00 or more: Payment will be $100.00 plus 20% of repair or replacement cost, not to exceed $600.00. 
  • All fine grievances for damage and late returns shall be made in writing. A review of grievances shall be made by the Lender before fines can be levied. Grievances shall be submitted to (subject line: Grievance). 

All fines will be charged to the Borrower's student account through the Bursar's Office. All payments must be paid at the Bursar's Office. 

Hours of Operation
Materials are available for reservation when The Hub Service Desk opens and must be returned no later than one half hour prior to The Hub Service Desk closing. 

Hours of operation are posted on The Hub client portal.

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