Print to the Canon Copier/MFD


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Print to the Canon/MFD 

  1. Open a file at your computer.

  2. Select File >> Print.

  3. Select CanonSecurePrint2

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Note** Remove any old instances of the previous Canon installations. 

Windows key -> Printers and scanners -> CanonSecurePrint on uniflow2 -> remove device

At the Canon MFP

  1. Authenticate with either method:

  2. Tap Cougar Card (you will need to register the first time or new cards) OR Enter PIN code (Colleague ID)

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3. Select the Secure Print from the Home screen

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4. Highlight the job(s) you want to print or select Select All.

  • OPTIONAL: Select Options to modify print settings such as # of copies, color, staple, etc.
  • Choose Print + Delete or Print + Keep.


5. Please remember to select Log Out before walking away from the Canon device.

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