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All SXU faculty, staff, and students receive a SXU netID account which grants you access to your SXU Email, SXU network, and a wide variety of online services.

Where is a SXU netID used?
An increasing number of technology services on campus require the use of a netID and password for access, including the following:
  • Faculty and Staff Services
    • Office 365
    • File services
    • Workstation access
    • Self-Service
    • MyCourses
    • 25Live: Room Reservation Request System
    • mySXU: Portal
    • WebCheckout: myMedia (Technology Requests)
    • Library database


  • Student Services
    • myMail: Student email
    • mySXU: Portal
    • Workstation access
    • CLAWS
    • Canvas: Learning Management System
    • WebCheckout: myMedia (Technology Requests)
    • Library databases

Your netID

Faculty and Staff

Staff and faculty receive a netID consisting of their initials followed by a number (e.g., wtr1) from HR on their first day of work.



A netID and password are automatically created for all newly registered students and sent to them by U.S. Mail. It is not necessary to fill out an account request form. Students receive a netID consisting of their first and last initials followed by five digits (e.g., br99901).  Be careful not to confuse the letter "l' and the number one, or the letter "o" and the number zero.  Remember that the first two characters of your netID are letters and the last five characters are numbers. Undergraduates can reach out to Admissions at 773-298-3050 or for questions. Graduates can reach out to 773-298-3053 or



Students who graduate may keep their netID and myMail account. However, for those who graduated before the current netID system was established, a netID and myMail account may be requested through the Alumni Relations office.


Retired Employees

Retired faculty may keep their netID, e-mail account, and access to the library databases. To access their e-mail, they can go to and log in with To access the library databases, they may go to and log in with netID.
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