Adding A Shared Email Account In Outlook After You've Been Added To The List For That Account

In Outlook:

> Click File
> Click Account Settings
> Click Account Settings again
> Click your email address 
> Click "change"
> In the new window click "More Settings"
> Click Advanced
> Click Add
> *Type the desired email address*
> Click Ok
> Click Apply
> Close Outlook and reopen

On the left side of Outlook, collapse your email address tab if it isn't already, and you'll see the new email address if it wasn't already visible.
You can also check to see if the email address has been added by following the previous steps again up to going to "Advanced" after clicking "More Settings." Once you click "Advanced," you'll see a box listing the added email addresses.


In Office 365:

  1. Log in to your Office 365 account and choose the Outlook app.
  2. Right-click your name in the folder list, and click Add shared folder.
  3. In the Add shared folder dialog box, type the name of the mailbox that you have been provided access, and click Add.
  4. The mailbox will now appear in your Outlook Web App folder list.
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