WiFi - Android/Chromebook Setup Guide

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WiFi – Android/Chromebook Setup Guide

Your android/chromebook device will automatically find all wireless networks in range.  On campus, you will see the following SXU SSIDs (network names): SXU and SXU-guest.

All Saint Xavier Staff, Students, Faculty and University sponsored account holders should connect to SXU using their netID.

Connect to WiFi using Android 7.x (Nougat), 8.x (Oreo) and 9.x (Pie)/Chromebooks

  1. Tap the Settings icon
  2. Tap Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks
  3. Select SXU
    1. If you do not see the networks shown, ensure that your WiFi is turned on.
  4. Configure the connection using the following settings:
    1. EAP method: PEAP
    2. Phase-2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
    3. CA Certificate: Use system certificates
      1. If this is not an option, select Do Not Validate/Do Not Check
    4. Domain: sxu.edu
             i. If your particular device does not have the 'Domain' field, please add @sxu.edu after your NetID in the identity field below.
  5. Identity: your SXU netID
  6. Anonymous identity: Leave this blank
  7. Password: your SXU netID password
  8. You may also need to specify advanced options
    1. Metered: Detect automatically
    2. Proxy Settings: None
    3. IP Settings: DHCP

You can also use the screenshot below as your guide.  The top four fields in the red box should look as shown.  Then, the identity and password fields are where your SXU netID credentials will go (leave the Anonymous Identity field blank).

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