What To Know About Combo Carts


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The term "Combo Cart" refers to all the equipment necessary for a presentation, locked down to a media cart for the purpose of circulation. These carts are typically used in locations on campus with no installed equipment, or in emergencies when equipment is not functioning properly. 

  • A Combo Cart always contains a laptop and video projector but may also contain an external USB DVD player and speaker. 
  • This equipment is usually reserved with a portable screen or may also be projected onto a wall, depending on the location. 


  • Unplugged--Check thtat the power cables are all plugged in, as well as adapters. 
  • Bad Cable--VGA cables can go bad, and displaying different colors (red, yellow, or blue) is usually an indication that the cable has gone bad; however, you can call for a replacement cable. 
  • Wrong Input--Cycle through the video projector inputs in case it is on the wrong one (refer to video projector description)
  • Connection Error--If the Internet is not working, try turning the WiFi connection on/off on the laptop. 


  • Client Services laptops will automatically connect to the SXU WiFi
  • Can be hooked up in classrooms by VGA or HDMI
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Unable to login--hold the power button down until the laptop completely shuts down. Depress the power button a second time to turn the laptop back on. Restarting the device after a forced shut down should bring you to the log in page. 

Video Projector:

  • Used to display a laptop, document camera or DVD
  • Personal laptops can be hooked up as well (refer to adapters section in the case that a personal laptop cannot be displayed with VGA or HDMI)
  • Troubleshooting: 
    • Will Not Display--pressing the "Source" button will cycle through the inputs to look for the connected display 
      • You can also search for the display through the Menu. 
  • Inputs: 
    • Computer 1--the display from the laptop or document camera plugged in through VGA
    • HDMI--Displays the laptop if the HDMI is plugged in
    • Video--Displays the DVD if a DVD is plugged in



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