Respondus Troubleshooting Checklist


Students using Respondus on a computer or other personal device

Confirm that you are opening Respondus Lockdown Browser to take your quiz/exam. Your exam will not start if you are using another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. You must click on the application logo and open the Respondus Lockdown Browser application to begin. 

  Restart your computer and attempt to use Lockdown Browser to access your quiz/exam once again. 

✓  Uninstall and then re-install Respondus LockDown Browser. Restart your computer and then open the quiz/exam using Respondus LockDown Browser.

✓  Confirm that your device operating system is compatible with the system requirements:

✓  If you are receiving an error message in Respondus LockDown Browser, please check if it is indicated in the FAQ’s list and follow the Knowledge Base Article recommendations for remediation.

✓  If your device is still not compatible with Respondus LockDown Browser, please submit a Remote Learning Support Request Form. Include as much detail as possible in your ticket.


If you experience an issue not addressed below, you may check if it is included in the Respondus Knowledge Base Student Support Center.
View the Student Guide for Lockdown Browser for more details. 
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