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Each of the following University services requires a netID and password for access:

  • Computers on campus, including Library computers
  • myMail (students and alumni)
  • mySXU
  • University web-based forms

Register for MyPassword Management System

You can also setup your account so that you can reset your password in the future.  Simply login at and select and answer up to five challenge questions. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

(Note: when registering for the MyPassword system off campus, you may need to enter your netID and include sxu as the domain. For example, if your netID is xyz1, you should enter sxu\xyz1.)



Using Your Account to Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your netID password and have previously set up your account in SXU's Password Management System, you may use the system to reset your password without additional intervention.

Note: Be sure your new password contains at least 8 characters. It should be mixed case and should include at least one number or symbol. (For example: SamplePW99)


Current students, faculty, staff and alumni who are trying to access myMail may call the The Hub at 773-298-HELP (773-298-4357) for assistance.

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