SPSS MacOS Error (no license issue)

In typical scenario authorization code is accepted, lservrc file is populated but SPSS product still cannot run properly (There is no license for SPSS product). This can happen on some MacOS systems when you have a lock code starting with 10-.

1) Open up FINDER 
2) Open up the APPLICATIONS folder 
3) Open up the IBM folder 
4) Open up the SPSS folder 
5) Open up the Statistics folder 
6) Open up the folder for version of product
7) Locate the "SPSS<product>.app" (application bundle) right click, and choose "Show Package Contents". 
8) Open up the "Contents" folder 
9) Open up the "bin" folder 
10) Locate and Control Click the file echoid.dat and choose Open With, and then choose to open it with TextEdit.app (pre-installed on a Mac below Applications\Utilities folder)
11) Change the value in the file echoid.dat from 0x010 to 0x004 
12) Save the echoid.dat file with same name
13) Delete the current license file LSERVRC file in this directory (if one exists, if not continue) 
14) Run the License Authorization Wizard of SPSS on /Applications/IBM/SPSS/<product>/<version>/ while the computer is connected to the internet . Make sure you see a lock code that begins with 4- on the wizard now. Use the same 20 digit authorization code you got before
15) REBOOT the Mac.
16) then launch SPSS product. The software should now launch without error. 

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