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Collaborating Using Team Sites

Guide to collaborating using team sites.

Colleague - Modifying your single sign-on credentials

Instructions to modify your single sign-on for Colleague.

Colleague - Unisession Exception Error

Explanation and resolution to Colleague Unisession Exception-39207 Error.

Deleting Documents from Team Sites

Deleting documents from team-sites.

Enable/Disable the Clutter feature within Microsoft OWA (Exchange)

Disable/Enable Clutter email management feature.

Free Microsoft Office Applications

Instructions to set up a Microsoft Account and install Microsoft Office applications.

mySXU Portal Team Sites: Adding a Document Library

To add document library to your portal Team site, take the following steps.

mySXU Portal team sites: fix problems opening documents

Fix problems opening documents in mySXU Portal
If you have problems opening Office files and documents in the mySXU portal, here are some suggestions to help you fix them.

Reconfiguring CRM to appear in Outlook

Instructions to reconfigure CRM to appear in Outlook.

SPSS Installation Guide (Off Campus)

Off Campus guide to installing SPSS.

Submitting Grades

Instructions to submit grades.

Updating SPSS License Code

Update License Code on Existing SPSS Installation