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This summer we installed our new Scantron Score machines in the CIDAT faculty lab as well as at the Graham School of Management Collaboration Room. These new machines function similarly to the older machines, but also allow faculty to collect data via flash drive and to analyze the data via Scantron ScoreITâ„¢. 

What is Scantron ScoreITâ„¢? 

Scantron ScoreIT is free software designed to analyze data from scored tests. This software can be downloaded from their website here. CIDAT also has a copy of the software and is happy to assist faculty setting up the software on their personal or professional devices for the first time. 

What To Know Before You Download

Scantron ScoreIT is a product of Scantron Corporation; therefore, there is little SXU technology staff can do to troubleshoot issues with the software. For software customer support, please contact the call line below (CIDAT staff will manage all hardware issues). To download the software, your computer must be running at least Windows 2003. 

Scantron Software Customer Support


Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:30pm Central Time




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