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Faculty & Staff

Canvas enrollments are updated on a daily basis starting at 10pm. 
  1. Student enrollment: CIDAT staff members are not responsible for enrolling students into academic courses. Students who are enrolled will be imported into Canvas via Colleague later that day during the update. 
  2. Faculty enrollment: CIDAT staff members are not responsible for enrolling teachers into academic courses. Department chairs can request an emergency enrollment of a teacher. 
  3. Faculty are authorized to add colleagues to their own Canvas course site using one of the following roles: Co-Faculty, TA, Observers, Organizational Leader, Clinical Instructor, Designer, and Guest Lecturer. Here is the instruction of how to add users into a Canvas course. Please note: If a colleague is added as an Organizational leader or Teacher role on Canvas, he/she will be considered as an instructor of the course and will be evaluated at the end of this course. 
  4. Non-SXU enrollment: 
    • CIDAT staff members will add Non-SXU Canvas users into University Rank and Tenure Committee (URTC) course shells at the request of the URTC chair. 
    • CIDAT staff members will add, on a temporary basis, external vendors in an emergency to troubleshoot issues with Canvas, i.e., ShareStream. Once their task is complete, the temporary credentials will be deleted. 
Canvas Course Shells:
  1. CIDAT staff members will create Training or Master course shells for SXU faculty per request
  2. CIDAT staff members will crosslist Canvas shells for SXU faculty per request. 
  3. CIDAT staff members will assist faculty with copying course materials from one course shell to another, so long as the SXU faculty member is the instructor for both shells. 
    • If the faculty member is no longer employed by the University and if the dean/chair has requested so, CIDAT staff can copy a prior course to the shell of a new faculty. 
    • If an SXU faculty member requests to have a shell from a different SXU faculty member copied over, they must obtain permission from the other SXU faculty first. 
  4. CIDAT staff members will create Canvas Organization shells per the request of SXU staff and faculty. SXU staff and faculty must fill out the Canvas Organization Request Form on the portal page
  5. CIDAT staff members are not allowed to delete any academic course shells under any circumstances. CIDAT staff members can delete Training and Master shells per the request of SXU staff or faculty who are the Teachers or Organization Leaders of the shell. 
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