Policies include: Canvas, Go-To Meeting/Go-To Webinar, CIDAT learning spaces, event media policies, faculty/staff equipment loan and student equipment loan.

Articles (6)

Canvas Policies

An outline of policies and guidelines for using Canvas at SXU.

CIDAT Go-To Meeting/Go-To Webinar Policies

A description of requirements and policies for using Go-To Meeting and Go-To Webinar at Saint Xavier University; A series of frequently asked questions to follow.

CIDAT Learning Spaces

An outline of CIDAT spaces available for reservation and their accommodations.

Event Media Policies

An overview of best practices/polices for requesting media equipment for an event.

Faculty/Staff Equipment Loan

An overview of equipment loan policies and guidelines for faculty and staff.

Student Equipment Loan

An overview of policies and best practices for equipment loans for students of Saint Xavier University