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PowerPoint Remote 



A PowerPoint remote is a wireless remote that will allow the presenter to control their presentations. The PowerPoint remote enables a user to advance and recall slides used in a presentation with the press of several buttons.  PowerPoint remotes are equipped with a laser pointer to assist with presentationsThis provides a more precise and accurate presentation experience. This equipment is only available for reservation for events (e.g. guest speaker).

Picture and explanation: 

A: Advance slides 

B: Recall previous slides 

C: Laser pointer- Press & hold to enable the laser pointer 

D: USB receiver - Place this into the USB port on the computer 

E: ON/OFF toggle switch- Turns the remote on and off 

F: Picture mute- Pressing to pause your presentation, and display a black screen 

G: Exit button- Pressing texit out of the presentation


Common Problems Encountered:  

  • Often times when a PowerPoint remote is not functioning, it is because the USB receiver is not plugged into the computer.  Please ensure that the USB receiver has been removed, by detaching the back panel of the PowerPoint remote.  

  • If the receiver is properly plugged into the USB port, confirm that it is in a functioning USB port, by testing out another device (flash drive, for example). 

  • Patrons also notice that, on occasion, a PowerPoint remote is plugged into a fully functioning USB port in the computer, but the remote is not working.  The patron should check to make sure the battery is still working by ensuring that the ON/OFF switch is toggled to the β€˜ON’ position, and try testing the laser pointer (Button β€˜C’- see above diagram).  If the laser pointer is not functioning, replace the batteries in the back of the PowerPoint remote.  To do so, remove the back detachable panel on the back side of the PowerPoint remote.  This will expose where the batteries are housed within the remote.  If, however, the laser pointer is working, this means that the batteries have a sufficient charge. Please call The Hub at x4357 for assistance.  


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