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Instructions to add a network printer from a link sent to Outlook application from IT staff.
Scantron ScoreIT software functions and download link.
A description of Go-To Meeting and its functions
Disable/Enable Clutter email management feature.
A description of the Panopto lecture capturing program and its functions
A description of Wix and its functions
A description of Ninite and its functions.
A Description of Jing and its functions.
A description of Google Docs and Google Drive and their functions.
Instructions to submit grades.
Instructions how to open a shared mailbox within Outlook.
Instructions to clear your browser's cache, history and delete cookies in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).
Instructions to modify your single sign-on for Colleague.
Instructions to print Google Docs or from Chromebooks using SXU WebPrint.
Guide to collaborating using team sites.